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inteliPhy net
A DCIM designed for simplicity


inteliPhy net is your easy-to-use DCIM solution for asset, capacity and change management.
Reduce deployment time and ensure high data quality of your documentation with great IT infrastructure visualization.

Product comparison

Data centers are at the heart of any business IT capability. Independent of their respective sizes, high availability and peak performance are required all-day, every-day.


For Data Center Operators wishing to move away from fragmented documentation on spreadsheets to a centralized, consistent network database allowing proactive management of their DC.

Starting at 48.00 / rack / year
  • Visualization 
  • Connectivity Management
  • Reporting
  • Charts
Top seller


For Data Center Operators using a service-oriented management approach with controlled change procedures, advanced capacity management and continuous infrastructure monitoring.

Starting at 72.00 / rack / year
  • Visualization 
  • Connectivity Management
  • Reporting
  • Charts
  • Alerts
  • Capacity Management
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Change Management


For Data Center Operators wishing to optimize control and supervision of their infrastructure and proactively improve their SLAs.

  • Visualization
  • Connectivity Management
  • Reporting
  • Charts
  • Alerts
  • Capacity Management
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Change Management
  • Automated Infrastructure Management


  1. Free trial
    1. How does the free trial work?

      Simply request a free trial using the form above. We will email you installation instructions and a trial license code that is valid for 30 days.

    2. What happens after my free trial expires?

      Buy a production license. You will receive a new license code that will upgrade your trial server to a production one.

  2. Licensing / Purchasing
    1. How is inteliPhy net licensed?

      inteliPhy net is licensed per rack and feature set (Standard / Plus / Pro).

      There are no other limits in the license (unlimited users, unlimited devices, unlimited cables etc.)

    2. What payment methods do you support?

      We accept all major credit cards.

    3. How long is a license valid?

      A license is valid for one year, starting from the date of purchase.

    4. How can I extend a license that has expired?

      The inteliPhy net client supports direct purchase of a license extension. Extensions are valid for one year, starting at the date of expiry of the current license.

    5. How can I upgrade a license?

      Using the inteliPhy net client, you can buy license upgrades (additional racks or upgrade from Standard to Plus).

    6. How can I update my inteliPhy net installation to a newer version?

      All inteliPhy net licenses include free software updates during their validity period.

    7. I am having problems with my license purchase. What to do?

      Please contact rdminteliphy-support@rdm.com if you have any issues with purchasing.

    8. Do you offer perpetual licenses?

      Please contact our sales team for perpetual licenses.

  3. Installation and use
    1. How is inteliPhy net installed?

      Just download the inteliPhy net installer and run it on your server machine.

    2. After installation, how can I access my inteliPhy net server?

      Open a browser on your client machine and go to https://{your-server-ip-address}:8443. Upon first access, you will have to enter your license code.

    3. How can I update my inteliPhy net server to the latest release?

      Download the inteliPhy net updater and run it on your server machine where an older version of inteliPhy net has been installed.

    4. What equipment models do you provide?

      inteliPhy net comes with a comprehensive model collection, including passive and active equipment from many vendors. For a list of included models see the inteliPhy net model index. Additional models can be created with the built-in model editor.

    5. How is inteliPhy net supported?

      inteliPhy net is offered on a self-service support basis. The inteliPhy net support library contains all required installation documents and tutorial videos.

    6. Do you offer paid support plans?

      Please contact sales team for paid support plans.

  4. Hardware and software requirements
    1. What are the hardware requirements of the inteliPhy net server?

      The hardware requirements are as follows:

      • CPU: 4 cores (8 cores recommended)
      • RAM: 12 GB (16 GB recommended)
      • Disk: 500 GB (SSD recommended)
    2. Does the inteliPhy net server run on a virtual machine?

      Yes, the inteliPhy net server runs on virtual machines.

    3. What software is needed to implement inteliPhy net?

      The only requirement is that the server / virtual machine runs the Windows Server 2019 (or newer) operating system. All other required software components are included in the inteliPhy net installer software..

    4. What are the hardware requirements of the inteliPhy net client?

      The hardware requirements are as follows:

      • CPU: 2 cores (4 cores recommended)
      • RAM: 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
      • Graphics card with 256MB dedicated memory (512MB recommended)
    5. What software is needed on the inteliPhy net client machine?

      The only software required on the client is a modern web browser (Google Chrome)