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Customer Connections for Colocation

A new environment, new challenges – the same trusted partner for your network infrastructure

Trust. The decision for a colocation is based on trust. Companies expect significant advantages from the alternative to their own data center. Is trust alone enough? It is crucial to be able to control the entire operation yourself at any time. From the relocation, to the cabling, to the administration of the network in the remote site, users want to act confidently. This is how trust develops. And this is exactly where R&M supports them with connectivity solutions, management tools and service.

Be successful thanks to connectivity

The decision to migrate into a colocation data center is of strategic importance. It‘s about more than just replacing the on-premise data center. As a partner for connectivity, R&M accompanies you from evaluation and planning to setting up your own physical network infrastructure and global expansion.

Colocation connectivity that matters

High-density fiber optic management platforms that make it possible to use rented buildings have become a key factor. In essence – as many fibers as possible in the smallest space. Our portfolio includes the connectivity and Smart Networks / DCIM program you need, regardless of which colocation solution or service level you choose.

Colocation with added value

The departure into the world of colocation leads companies and corporations to operational and strategic advantages. Management and IT organization gain freedom for management tasks instead of spending time and money on construction, administration and maintenance. At the same time, colocation customers retain control over infrastructure, performance and compliance. R&M has been accompanying enterprise data centers on their way into new network dimensions for years. Whether it is about connectivity and network performance, planning and project management or infrastructure and cable management: R&M knows the needs, best practices and solutions.

Products for Customer Connections for Colocation

Digital Building Gen. 1
Digital Building Gen. 2
Digital Building SPE
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
Patient Room
Treatment Room
Central Office
Outside Plant
Customer Premises
On Board Cabling
Cabin Cabling
Industry LAN
Outdoor LAN
Multimedia Cabling
Home Distributor
Home Wiring
Server Hall
Data Center Interconnect
Data Center Computing Solutions
Operation & Maintenance
Building Entrance Facility
Customer Connection
Operation & Maintenance
Urban Development
Cable sharing
Horizontal cabling STP
Horizontal cabling UTP
WLAN integration
Backbone cabling
Horizontal FO
Voice & Control Int.
Ship Cabling
Healthcare Cabling
Residential Cabling
Office Cabling
Industrial Cabling
Digital Building
Local Area Network
Public Networks
Data Center
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